We don’t want to pour a bunch of sophisticated stuff on you in order to describe our services. We really believe that our samples of accomplished projects are self-explanatory. Therefore, we invite you to visit our Gallery/portfolio, where you’d see a few samples of our works. Then you will be able to make a decision if we are up to spec for you.

How To Order

Step I :Scanning your pictures and sending them to us:

If you have access to a scanner or have a digital camera, then we are at your service!
Scan your original photo and save your digital file in JPEG format with minimum compression. Please e-mail the attached .jpg image to

note:Please bear in mind:A good original picture, scanned well, gives better results. The image must be of reasonable size and clarity to be worked on effectively.we need explicit instructions about what you need done

Step II Estimation of damages:

As soon as we receive your digital image, we will estimate the degree and nature of image, and make a conclusion on the possibility and the specific process of editing. we will also do preliminary design for editing and determine the date of completion. Then we will send our suggestions on your order to you by e-mail, and will start the editing process.

Step III Intermediate check-out:

We will contact you in two days or sooner, depending on the volume of your order, and send you a test version of your digital image. You will be able to see and evaluate the changes yourself and approve the quality of the work. Most customers are fully satisfied with this first result. However, if you decide that your image needs further correction, or you choose to use additional services, this is the right time to mention it. If additional correction is required, we will send you another test version after the work is completed.

Step IV Acceptance and payment:

Once you decide that your image is in perfect shape, we will appreciate your confirmation reply.
The order is not completed until the customer confirms it. After your image has been fully restored and your payment entered our account, we will send you a link to your restored digital image by e-mail, so you will able to download it to your computer independently.